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Solexx™ Greenhouse Covering

Bends like film, insulates better than Polycarbonate

Solexx™ is an insulated, flexible plastic covering that easily turns nearly any structure into a high-performance greenhouse. Made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), the superior twin-wall covering provides optimal diffuse light, significantly lowers energy costs, reduces condensation, and protects plants from harsh conditions without shattering, cracking or discoloring.

Benefits of Solexx™

Durable in Extreme WeATHER
  • Withstands hail, wind and snow
  • Won’t discolor or reduce light transmission over time
  • Won’t crack in the cold

  • 100% diffuse for optimal light for up to 25% faster growth
  • Sun and shade-loving plants grow side by side
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations
Energy Savings & Efficiency
  • Superior insulation
  • Qualifies for energy rebates
  • Stays cooler in the summer
  • Reduces condensation
  • Installs on any structure
  • Continuous rolls eliminate seams
  • Bends over corners and roof
  • Trimmable material

  • Guaranteed with 10-year limited UV warranty
  • No yearly repairing and replacing
  • No seasonal whitewashing (reduces injuries)
  • Consistent growth throughout (no plant rotations to sunnier locations)

  • Inert and BPA free
  • Can be disinfected without off-gassing
  • Keeps plastic out of the landfill
  • Recyclable

Panel and Roll Sizes

Solexx™ is available in continuous rolls and pre-cut panels, each offered in 3.5 mm or 5 mm thickness. The 5mm material is recommended in colder climates for added insulation, in high-altitude areas and for structures with wide spans.

Compare to Other Materials


Solexx panels are easy to install. Much more flexible than twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse panels, Solexx bends around corners and is easily scored and cut. Panels can be screwed onto existing greenhouse frames, and continuous rolls allow for fewer seams when covering structures. For detailed installation instructions, contact a representative at 1-877-476-5399 or

The Science of Solexx™

Capturing Benefits of Diffused Light

Solexx covering is designed to diffuse light evenly. Light bends and reaches into every corner to touch all foliage, not just the upper canopy. Such consistent growing conditions allow plants to develop uniformly for an even crop ready for market simultaneously and up to 25 percent faster.