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OUr Most Popular Enclosure

This dome holds up to strong winds, sheds snow easily, and maximizes sunlight inside the greenhouse making them ideal for the Colorado climate. Whether you choose a dome to grow year-round produce or create a backyard getaway with your hot tub inside, you will receive an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional addition to your home.

Compared to a standard box build structure, the dome has many advantages. Domes are stronger, offer more space, and lend themselves to more applications due to their unique shape and build.

Other DOme Usage Ideas

Hot Tub Experience
Tiny House
Concession Stand
Exercise Room

Man/Woman Cave
Disaster Relief Shelter
Golf Course Storm Shelter
Storage Shed
Ice Fishing Hut
Mountain Cabin

A Budget-Friendly Enclosure OPtion

Barn-Style Greenhouse

Barn-Style Greenhouses are a great and affordable way to extend your growing season and protect your produce from hail, wind, and seasonal change. Don’t let the lower price tag fool you, our materials are sturdy, wind-resistant, and provide UV protection. These greenhouses are built with our versatile 8mm double-walled polycarbonate.

For more Specific Requests

Custom Builds

Do you have a unique idea or site for a greenhouse? We will work with you to create your dream growing space! We have designed several incredibly unique greenhouses for our clients. Through personalized plans, we will walk through every step of the way with you to design, develop, and build your dream growing space. 

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